An Update About My Role at BetaKit

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Over the last five years I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a startup in several different roles – first as the second employee at Sprouter, growing the network as the Community Manager; then as a Postmedia employee as the Director of Communications at Sprouter; and most recently as the Managing Editor at emerging tech publication BetaKit, which we launched last February.

Today Postmedia announced that they will be integrating BetaKit and Sprouter into the Financial Post. As a result, I will no longer be working full time for BetaKit or Postmedia, though I will likely be doing ongoing freelance work for the Financial Post. I will continue to write my bi-weekly startup column for FP, and will also be doing my ongoing CTV News Channel spots.

I’m proud of what we built at BetaKit – as of today it’s #53 on the Techmeme leaderboard, ahead of publications like The Huffington Post, the Guardian, and Businessweek. We’ve partnered with the Washington Post Social Reader and the Pulse News Reader, and have built up a loyal readership of entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts. We also produced BetaKit Insights reports that provided a deeper take on the trends that are changing the technology landscape.

I want to thank the Postmedia team for working with us over the past year and a half. I want to thank BetaKit’s team of writers, interns and contributors for helping a full-time staff of two people to build such a vibrant publication. And of course I want to thank Sarah Prevette, my mentor, friend, former boss, and the reason that I got involved in the startup world in the first place.

While I will be writing for the Financial Post, I’m also looking for new full-time or project-based opportunities in publishing, journalism, or communications. Get in touch anytime with questions, startup pitches, or to say hello at In the meantime I’ll be writing, reading, traveling,  and figuring out what’s next. I’m excited for what’s to come!

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