Announcing the Launch of BetaKit

Over the past several years at Sprouter, we’ve been privileged to see firsthand the amazing innovation happening around the world. We’ve witnessed the birth of the incredible startup renaissance occurring in coffee shops, schools, garages and at meetups everywhere. Today I’m excited to announce a new Sprouter initiative.

Welcome to BetaKit, a new online publication reporting on emerging technology and innovation around the world.

At BetaKit, we care about providing the what, but we’re also committed to explaining why it matters. Breaking news is important, but so is relating news to larger industry trends, and telling you why you and your company should care. Built by our team at, BetaKit draws upon an established community of over 80,000 emerging technology founders who are building the next big thing.

I’m also excited to share that I will be acting as Managing Editor for BetaKit, shaping the content direction, writing about emerging technology and managing a team of writers and global contributors. I’m excited to draw on my journalism background, and will continue to write a regular column about startups for the Financial Post.

We’re thrilled to have a venue to showcase some of the incredible startups we see every day and we hope you (the reader) finds it valuable.

Read more from founder and Editor-in-chief Sarah Prevette about the launch of in our press release, and learn more about why we launched it at I’m also excited to announce that Darrell Etherington will be joining us as a Senior Writer at BetaKit. Darrell was most recently a technology writer at GigaOM and an editor at The Apple Blog.

Have a news tip? Share it with our news team by emailing You can reach me directly at erin[at]

We’ll be announcing news about Sprouter shortly. I hope you’ll check out BetaKit and find a new source for emerging technology news – I’m excited for this new chapter of the Sprouter journey.

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